Why Book With Top Kilimanjaro?


We care about each customer, we care about each associate of our staff, we care about the setting, and we care about the societies we operate in.

When you communicate to us, you speak directly to us. There are no go-betweens or 3rd-party persons!

All our guides are specialists and knowledgeable, sharing any essential data in order to make the ascent an exciting knowledge subject. They also boast all essential certification and experiences as claimed by administration.

You will sense the private attention. You are not among an expedition group. You are part of a small family in Africa. When you attain at Kilimanjaro Airfield, you will be encountered like an old friend by our representative. While other guests are drove into packed buses and minivans, you will evade the haste and be accompanied to your modern, secluded car where your driver is waiting to take you to your high-class Lodge/hotel.

At the Lodge, we would have taken care of the registration details! While the rest of the travelers stand in line to check in, you can ensue directly to your room where you will obtain a quick introduction to the facility and services. Thru your stay, you will enjoy the modified service from the Lodge attendant.

For shopping trips, we avoid the traveler traps – you’re a “resident” now! We’ll show you the actual Tanzania and where/how to buy true merchandise at sensible values. You’ll encounter our friends and get an understanding into day-to-day life in East Africa. You’ll discover the indigenous people friendly and attractive. And they will appreciate your care. Several visitors only experience Africa from the ease of their safari cars and that’s a shame.

In groundwork for your climb, you will escalate the briefing from your guide and intuitions from him. You will enjoy your contented and safe hotel and the motivating tours that we organize so you can get to encounter the delightful people of Tanzania.

On the Mountain, we are in a class of our private! Your tent is spacious, modern and contented. The porters and guides are contented since they will also be very relaxed during the climb. You can settle because we have the finest safety gear and our guides are qualified in first-aid. With all the particulars taken care of, you can emphasis on the experience itself. Enjoy the hike and take time to engage the loveliness and miracles of this enchanted mountain. After the hike, you will with any luck join one of our safari choices. These extensions are portion of our Vital Gathering – the finest experiences in East Africa!

The spirit of the Top Kilimanjaro is legendary on the mountain. We take pride in being the best on the mountain and we accept the responsibilities and challenges associated with being the leading outfitter. Many budget outfitters rely on us to help them when their teams get in trouble. We have offered our equipment and skills without hesitation in the past and we continue to assist where we can. Clients from competing outfitters have told us that they felt safer knowing that the Top Kilimanjaro were camping nearby! This is who we are.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of our exclusive family!

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