The main disadvantage with Marangu is the datum that it is one of the shorter paths on the mountain – and therefore, has one of the nastiest ‘achievement rates’ for receiving people to the peak, as it does not give explorers enough time to adapt.

Most agencies will pawn this by taking a ‘rest day’ at Horombo Huts on day 3 where, rather than plough on to Kibo Huts, explorers spend two nights at Horombo and that third day filing up the grades of Mawenzi, thereby helping their adaptation. Therefore, while Marangu can be finished in five days, most practical persons will take at least six.

Additional facet of the Marangu Path that could be perceived by some as a disadvantage is that it is the only one where you rise and slope thru the similar route. Though, there are a twosome of influences to pawn this insight: initially, amongst Horombo and Kibo Huts there are 2 routes and it shouldn’t take too much to encourage your guide to use one track on the climb and a dissimilar one on the way down; and then, we reason that the gait back down the Marangu Way is one of the most agreeable parts of the whole trek, with fine views thru the shoulder.

Also, it bids you the opportunity to receive the troops of perspiring, blushing wretches heading the other mode with the self-satisfied expression of one for whom physical discomfort is now a thing of the past, and whose instant future is full with warm baths and cold beers.

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