For the reason that this trail is commonly named the ‘Tourist Route’ or ‘Coca Cola trail’ (Coke being a soft drink, of course, as opposite to the Machame Route though is sometimes named the Whisky Route), some explorers are misinformed into rational this five- or six-day hike to the summit is just a gait in the (national) park.

But recall that a greater amount of people nose dump on this way than on any other.

Factual, this may have somewhat to do with the detail that Marangu’s standing for being ‘easy’ attracts the more inexperienced, out-of-condition explorers who don’t realize that they are boarding on a 35-kilometre difficult walk, shadowed directly by a 35-kilometre knee-jarring descent.

Nonetheless it shouldn’t take much to understand that Marangu is not much calmer than any other path: with the Machame Route, for example, you twitch at 1828m and goal for the peak at 5895m. While on Marangu, you jump just a little advanced at 1860m and have the similar goal. So humble logic should tell you that it can’t be that much calmer.

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