The designation Rongai Route is really somewhat of a contradiction. Unquestionable, it’s the designation that everyone applies but, severely talking, it’s not the precise one.

The physical, unique Rongai Route castoff to start at the edge village of the similar term but was shut more than a few years past by the establishments who obvious that two tracks on a side of the mountain that few explorers visit was needless.

You will still grasp this route noticeable on several maps, but today all explorers who request to hike Kili from the north today shadow a different track, also recognized as the Lookout Route after the village that rests near the start. (Just to cloud the subject still further, this isn’t formally the precise designation either, for along the track you’ll grasp many signs vocation this track the Nalemuru Route – or, occasionally, Nalemoru – however this designation is infrequently used by anyone.)

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