With a fear of heights, Mount Kilimanjaro

LEERSUM In February 2017, Richard Oskam takes on the challenge for War Child to climb the 5.895 meters high Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Before that time he wants to make his sponsor contribution as high as possible. The pupils of elementary school De Meander will help him on 21 December.

CHALLENGE The personal and sporting challenge combined with this charity formed the reason for Richard Oskam to give up. ,, A friend of mine works for War Child and that’s how you know more about it. He goes along himself, and he suffers even more from fear of heights than I do. We once descended a Maya temple together on our ass. “Real climbing with crampons is – fortunately for Oskam – not an issue. ,, It is more a long walk at a strong pace, starting in the tropics to volcanic rocks with I will fight myself on the road, I rely on my perseverance, but the altitude sickness makes it hard for everyone. “

TOUR In 5.5 days the participants walk sixty kilometers of which the last part goes up. The descent lasts only one and a half days. Every Kili challenge is about 100 men and women climbing the mountain, 90 percent gets it. Oskam starts in the group of February 1, which happens to be a Leersumer, Marcel Kromschee. Warchild organizes part of the preparation such as a workshop with the breathing techniques of ‘ice creamman’ Wim Hofman. ,, Then you just sit in such an ice bath for a minute. “For the rest, Oskam keeps it at the Zevenheuvelenloop and running into his new shoes on his own Heuvelrug.


TANTE GRE On Oskam’s personal page on warchild.nl the intermediate amount of the sponsored amount is kept. Striking in the encouragement of supporters is the high ‘aunt Gre-content’.

Oskam laughing:,, That is my father’s sister in Gorkum. She is rather steadfast. I believe no one leaves her house without the promise to sponsor me! “

He emphasizes that every contribution is very welcome, no matter how small. Richard Oskam is a few hundred euros away from the required starting amount of 2400 euros. The costs of the trip and guidance are taken care of by each participant.

SPONSORLOOP On 21 December Dalton school De Meander will hold a sponsor run with all pupils, including the three Oskam children, to raise as much money as possible for the campaign.

,, They were immediately in for the idea. And found it fit perfectly with the Christmas thought. I made a presentation about War Child for the teachers. And now hope that the children run a lot of rounds. “