7 Days Rongai Route

7 Days Rongai Route

Day 1; Rongai Gate to First Cave Camp

Meet and pick up you at your Hotel in Moshi/Arusha, then we take a short drive to main Kilimanjaro National Park gate, approximately takes about 45-50 minutes’ drive from Moshi and almost 2.5hrs from Arusha. On your way drive across the village of Marangu heading to the Mt. Kilimanjaro main gate, which is on the minor slopes of the Kilimanjaro mountain. After reaching the park gate, all climbers are required to register at the Mt. Kilimanjaro park office as to sign in for climbing and make the last arrangements for the summit Kilimanjaro. Our porters will be arranging their packs and loading ready to carry to the rooftop, covering the food, water, cooking gas and most of your equipment. Dinner is prepared by our chef and served in a communal dining mess.

Our climb appropriate starts at Nale Moru village, next to a winding trail over planted fields before a calm climb through long forest. Camping at First Cave Camp, which is at approx 2600m of altitude.

Elevation: From 1950 m to 2600 m

Hiking distance: 8 km

Climbing time: Around 4 hours

Environment: Montane forest


Day 2; First Cave to Kikelewa Camp

Today you rejoin the same foot walk and continue to Kibo. We shall trek progressively past Second Cave Camp before reaching Kikelewa Camp place we will make a stop for the dinner and overnight. This will spot one of the first really nice views of Kilimanjaro and finally give us an intellect of just how high this climb will take us.

Elevation:  From 2600 m to 3600 m

Trekking distance: 9 km

Trek time: 6 to 7 hours

Environment: Heath


Day 3; Kikelewa Camp to Mawenzi Tarn

This day will take the Trackers into the wilderness suitable, after a short, sharp climb up oblique grassland. While leaving the vegetation back we are rewarded with wonderful 360-degree views, specifically for the last leg before arriving at Mawenzi Tarn for our Dinner and overnight.


The camp is set in a valley clustered beneath Mawenzi Peak far overhead. However, it is an upright 4330m above the sea level, and you will have the afternoon free to sightsee a bit and become well acclimatized.

Elevation: From 3600m to 4330m

Trekking distance: 6 km

Trek time: Around 4 hours

Environment: Heath

Day 4; Acclimatisation Day at Mawenzi Tarn

It’s a full day of exploring the mountain around Mawenzi Tarn as a fragment of the acclimatization. There will be sufficient to do, and our crew will help trackers to arrange short activities to experience this potion of nature.

Elevation: 4330m

Trekking distance: Technically 0, but you can get in a full day’s hiking or hiking easily

Environment: Heath


Day 5; Mawenzi Tarn Camp to Kibo Camp

You join to the trek early on a day five, crossing the Lumber among Mawenzi and Kibo peaks before camping on the hedge of Kibo Crater. The scenery of the Saddle is like nothing you’ve ever seen on your lifetime back, so here is the time to look around this wonderful.

The final ascent is early the next day, so we take rest up and arrange our gear tonight we start looking forward to the summit at Uhuru Peak.

Elevation: From 4330m to 4750m

Trekking distance: 9 km

Trek time: Around 5-6 hours

Environment: Mountainous desert


Day 6; SUMMIT DAY; – Kibo Camp to summit at Uhuru Peak, descent to Horombo Hut

Historical Day in the life, today is that day accomplish your aim why you visited Tanzania


Today starts just before midnight and shall be the toughest, both mentally and physically.

We’ll have a hot drink and a snack right before we set downward, threading among the Rebman and Reitzel glaciers. Then we’ll cross some weighty screen to reach Stella Point (5732 m) between the rim of the crater. There shall have a short relax and enjoy a unique sight: daylight on the rooftop of Africa.

Another hour’s trek brings us to Uhuru Peak, The real and live Summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro


Next is the summit itself, Uhuru Peak at 5895m. Weather approving, what a memorable day is this, celebrating and taking pictures of lifetime memory then, after all, descending back to Kibo Huts, then proceed on to Horombo Camp, some 2000m below the peak, for a dinner and overnight.


Elevation: From 4750m to 3720m

Highest point: 5895m (Uhuru Peak) no any other highest peak in Africa.

Trekking distance: 22km (6km ascent / 16km descent)

Trek time: 10 to 13 hours (6 to 8 hrs ascent / 4 to 5 hrs descent)

Environment: Stone scree and ice-capped summit.


Day 7; Trekking from Horombo Hut to Marangu Gate

After taking breakfast, you will be continuing with your descent some hours, fleeting the Mandara hut, descent to the Kilimanjaro main gate. It is suggested not to recompense your porters any tips until you and all your gear have arrived at the gate safely. At Marangu gate, you sign out your name and your details in a register. This is also where summited climbers receive a green certificate of your achievement.

Elevation: From 3720m to 1980m

Trekking distance: 18km

Trek time: 5-6 hours

Environment: Montane forest