Machame Route

Machame Route 

Kilimanjaro Machame Route – Whisky Route

Machame Route

Machame route

At a full length of 65km, Machame (known as Whiskey Route) is one of the most famous for Kilimanjaro Trakker. We, at Top Kilimanjaro, would suggest the short 6-day itinerary only to those with trekking experience, moderate level of fitness and a desire for a challenge. The struggle lies in an altitude increase of over 2,000m in 24hours including summiting, come up in a 7% drop in victory rates. If you are planning to choose Machame Route in November, on April or May, the trail may be wind-swept by rain making the trek harder. The 7-day itinerary, on the other hand, provide success rates of 85% due to normal acclimatization and shall suit anyone wishful to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Climbing Kilimanjaro on the Machame is considered to be more difficult than on the Marangu route or Rongai route.

Hence it’s jokingly called the “Whiskey Route,” a tougher climb than the “Coca-Cola route” (Marangu). Now before you hit the back button to check out Marangu, consider that although the Machame route is supposed to be more difficult, the success rates are higher on Machame than on Marangu!

We have fantastic food, proper tents, full-time staff on the ground to help you achieve your goal of standing on the roof of Africa. We favor the Lemosho route which gives the best acclimatization. We recommend the Machame route for people who have been to altitude before and felt comfortable. Trust me you want the best possible acclimatization and chance of safely and successfully reaching the summit and Uhuru peak. Our guides and consultants climbed Kilimanjaro 200+ times and will help you prepare and get ready for your Kilimanjaro climb. Read our top 10 tips for climbing Kilimanjaro. Read the Distances covered on the Machame route up Kilimanjaro.

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