How to Pay for Your Kili climb

How to pay for your Kilimanjaro climb,

After receiving your booking details, we shall request a non-refundable booking advance deposit of USD 150 per person plus the price of any extra or upgraded accommodation which you have asked for. Credit card pays this deposit typically through PayPal/Pesapol. The final balance of the payment is payable in US Dollars 30 days before your climb/Arrival, or other in cash in US Dollars on arrival if you would choose this.


Full contact and payment orders for use when introducing transfers to our account >>>

Last Minute Bookings

– If you have not accomplished your booking more than 30 days prior to your wished-for climb date kindly note that you shall be needed to make the payment for your climb in term of cash in US Dollars on arrival because bank transfers to East Africa might be subject to lengthy suspensions and wrong routings which can take some time to correct. Where a climber pays his or her final balance on arrival, we require that payments have to be made using notes printed in the year 2000 or later, and in values of USD 100s and USD 50s only. We are required strictly to perceive these requirements due to local banking limits.


Payment of Main Balances / Outstanding

– If opt to pay your closing balance by wire transfer this is billed no later than 30 days before your climb/tour starting date and will be invoiced in whichever Pounds Sterling or US Dollars. Kindly request for an invoice in your preferred currency. (Due to exchange rate instability non-US Dollar invoices can only be allotted in three working days of the date on which you wish to pay your final balance).


When placing the wire transfer kindly ensure that you instruct your bank to affect the transfer to reach into our bank account free of bank charges, whether SWIFT charges, communicator bank charges, conversion fees, or the payment fee. If the prices available on this website and reproduced on the costs advice that your manager will supply you with, should please be understood to signify the value of funds that we are required to accept to compresence your tour arrangements. Equally, unless paying in cash after your arrival, it should therefore kindly be understood that the price available in this web and advised prices are not necessarily the total that you will pay, because all methods of money transfer – either by wire or credit card – are subject to the transaction and conversion fees which banks apply in order to receive their profit by facilitating all transactions. Climber’s/Trekkers’ bank should be unable to affect these instructions, any unpaid bank charges sustained will be invoiced for payment in cash on arrival. Such charges comprise conditions in that we are required to buy Dollars at the commercial purchasing rate (1.35% over the days be around mid-market amount as published on, where a climber’s bank are impotent to lead funds in the demanded currency, or where a substitute currency is exactly ideal and instructed by the mountaineer to his or her bank.