Unique Snow Attracts On Mt Kilimanjaro

Unique Snow Attracts On Mt Kilimanjaro

Many people; including tourists are attracted by the white covered Kibo Peak of Africa’s highest mountain and have been seen coming to take pictures from different possible corners.

“The rains that occurred from January to May brought an accumulation of snow on the Kibo Peak.

The observed snow plays a key role in protecting glacier from melting,” One Climber says that besides further compaction and hardening of snow on the mountain’s summit, it has ended the wet season and maintained glacier and snowflakes at the Kibo peak.

The Chief Warden hinted that it is expected that in the months ahead, the dry season would crop in and melt the sleet and expose glacier ice.

On the tourism front, A climber pointed out that snow and glacier ice remains potential tourists’ attraction sites, especially at the Kibo Peak on the mountain.

However, she cautioned the Mountain climbers to be vigilant while ascending or descending to avoid dangers which may emanate from slippery slopes.